Real-time Data Visibility across the Enterprise

Learn how Strategic Materials, the largest glass recycler in North America, rolled out Enact® quickly in more than 30 plants to take advantage of real-time data and streamline operations.

Strategic Materials has boosted customer confidence and expanded into new markets, thanks to the actionable insights provided by our Quality Intelligence platform – Enact®. Read how Enact® unites their quality data via a cloud-based, cross-plant reporting system that shows the real-time info needed to make immediate process corrections—across 31 plants. With Enact®, Strategic Materials can quickly make improvements and see those improvements take hold.

Initially, the company quickly rolled out Enact®, on a limited basis. What followed, was rapid expansion and successful deployment across 31 facilities, enabling Strategic Materials to standardize data collection and quality programs at all these plants.

  • Within three months of Enact® deployment, Strategic Materials was collecting and analyzing data across 12 plants

  • Enact® is easy for the company’s quality technicians to use

  • Their new cross-plant reporting system shows the real-time info needed to make immediate process corrections

  • Unified reporting capabilities enable team members at all locations to see and share quality data from all plants

  • Visibility into process capabilities enables leadership to closely monitor performance across facilities

  • Instant availability of data and reports enables Strategic Materials to share information with customers easily

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Enact® & Beverage Bottling

And it’s not just the recycling industry that enjoys success using the Enact® Quality Intelligence solution. Beverage bottlers around the world rely on the InfinityQS Enact® Quality Intelligence platform to provide visibility and continuous improvement across lines, products, and plants.

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