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Become an InfinityQS Enact® Partner and help your manufacturing clients transform their manufacturing and quality operations. Enact® digitalizes and unlocks the value of manufacturing data; leverages insights from the shop floor to the boardroom and takes your clients’ manufacturing performance to new heights.

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Your Expertise

As a trusted service provider to your industrial or manufacturing clients, you understand their opportunities and challenges and have a deep insight into their operational processes. That puts you in a strong position to identify how the Enact® Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Solution can help your clients solve their most pressing operational challenges.

Our Solutions

For over 30-years, InfinityQS has built an enviable reputation as the world’s leading provider of SPC-based Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Solutions. Our next-generation cloud-based Enact® solution provides manufacturers with unparalleled capabilities to transform their manufacturing and quality operations.

Your Clients’ Success

By becoming an InfinityQS Partner, you combine your skills, expertise and thought leadership, with the world’s leading Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Platform – Enact®. Such a successful Partnership leads to one mutually beneficial outcome – your clients’ success.

Partner with InfinityQS Enact®

The InfinityQS Enact® Partner Program not only strengthens your service capabilities, it creates new opportunities, giving you more to offer existing customers and future prospects. With no membership fees and a very generous reward structure, it represents a great opportunity for manufacturing services providers.

Find out how becoming an InfinityQS Enact® Partner enhances your manufacturing credentials, builds your consulting services and creates additional revenue streams for your business.

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Client Success Stories

Learn how your clients can also succeed with InfinityQS Enact®

Improved Process Capability by 50%

At Ocean Spray, the company transformed how employees use SPC to go beyond routine checks and deliver the exceptional product their customers demand. Recognizing less variation equals competitive advantage. Learn how they made instant, impactful improvements and a consistently premium product that outshines the competition.

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Improved Visibility across Plants, Lines & Products

Strategic Materials is the largest recycler of glass in North America. Learn how, by implementing Enact®, Strategic Materials have unified their data in order to quickly make improvements. What’s more, as these improvements take hold—as soon as the company spot something slipping back, it immediately raises a red flag.

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Your Industry Focus

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What our Partners say…

José Méndez – Owner
IdoneoTech, Guatemala

“Ever since we have been a member of the InfinityQS Partner Program, we are proud of the quality of the technological, statistical control solutions provided for our clients. But above all, for the ‘human and professional quality’ responsiveness to the needs of Partners and their customers. This is evidenced by quick access to technical and after sales service, supported by their extremely inductive and easy to understand learning platforms.”

Sanjeev Sadavarti – CEO & Principal Consultant
Q Ultima Institute, India

“We are very happy with the InfinityQS Partner Program. The support of the sales team is unmatched – they remind us about the sales pipeline and advise if client issues arises. They have also helped us develop an Enact® page on our own QUltima website, including case studies, images and links. We plan to develop Enact® as one of our key revenue streams, and the InfinityQS Partner Program is extremely helpful in this.”

Paulo Narciso Filho – CEO
HarboR Informática, Brazil

“HarboR has been an InfinityQS Partner for over 15 years. The partnership allowed us to grow our business, offering a broader portfolio to new and existing customers, ranging from licenses to services like training and implementation. All with the help of a sound tech support and agile partner management team.”

Jon Simpson – Vice President
Sage Clarity, North America

“The support Sage Clarity has received as a Partner of InfinityQS has been great! From sales training to marketing, we continue to grow excitement with Enact®.”

Hakan Erdogan – Managing Director
6 Nokta Teknologji, Turkey

“I am really impressed by InfinityQS’ system, as it includes all the info and documentation that a Partner needs to get started quickly and efficiently. I am looking forward to showing Enact® to my prospects soon.”

Nikhil Gangurde – Director
Trogen Business Consultants, India

“Partnering with Enact® 2 years ago gave us visibility and opportunity to talk to leading brands in manufacturing and production. Even during pandemic Enact® sales and support team have been exceptional in providing support and guidance to help us grow. We at Trogen Business Consultants cherish this relationship and are honoured to be part of the Enact® family.”

Mohit Grover – Director, Industry 4.0 Solutions
Nagarro, India

“We have been working with InfinityQS for over 5 years now and we share a great partnership with them globally. We are convinced of the capability of the product and its ability to bring quality 4.0 intelligence to manufacturers. The Partner management team at InfinityQS is readily available for help and goes beyond the norm to support in strategic sales. We appreciate their efforts and look forward to strengthening our partnership further.”

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Join the InfinityQS Enact® Global Partner Program. Discover significant new opportunities by leveraging our award-winning solutions. Enhance your existing product or service portfolios. Help your clients be better, more efficient and smarter than their competitors.

Your Expertise. Our Solutions. Your Clients’ Success.

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