InfinityQS signs Partnership deal with North American-based,
Torque-Load Quality 4.0 Specialist – Torque Testing Systems, Inc.

Latest addition to the company’s global Partner Program helps its customers leverage leading edge digital technology and advanced practices, to achieve a smooth and easy transition to Quality 4.0 

Torque Testing Systems (TTS), manufacturer of next-generation torque-load testing equipment for Aerospace, Automotive and other industries, is now partnering with InfinityQS® International, Inc.

All TTS’s systems support Quality 4.0 principles. Quality 4.0 stems from the context of Industry 4.0, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in quality and organizational excellence. Digital data, analytics, connectivity, scalability and collaboration support Quality 4.0 strategies. They improve test data accuracy, consistency, integrity, and transparency to enable digital part-process-people traceability.

Torque Testing Systems offer a range of solutions to help their customers move forward with Quality 4.0 including: standalone, fully-automated torque-load testing systems; systems designed to transition and upgrade outdated testers to Quality 4.0 requirements; and custom-built torque-load testing equipment, designed and manufactured according to customers’ exacting specifications.

Partnering with InfinityQS®’ established and comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution, ProFicient, TTS have developed a system for the automated creation of multiple statistical charts from their systems’ reports. InfinityQS® SPC software provides management with an accurate picture of production and testing parts.

TTS, by becoming an authorized sales partner to InfinityQS®, will leverage its expertise in torque-load testing technology to help companies achieve greater systems automation and gain a competitive edge through high accuracy testing, assured compliance, predictive maintenance, and minimizing human error.

About InfinityQS® International, Inc.

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