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The InfinityQS Partner Program provides a great opportunity for its Partners to leverage the industry leading capabilities of the Enact® Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Platform and the Global reputation of the InfinityQS brand.

Whether you are a Manufacturing Consultant, Automation & Control provider, Industrial IT service provider or a Quality Consultant: becoming an InfinityQS Partner will not only significantly enhance your service portfolio capabilities – with our highly generous commission structure, it will also significantly enhance your bottom line.

Outstanding Rewards

Partners naturally need to be rewarded for their efforts. We offer a highly attractive compensation model. Partners earn 100% of the first year subscription revenue from the Enact® clients they acquire.

In addition, there are numerous deployment- and training-related client services for Enact® which bring renewed value to your portfolio and generate new business opportunities.

Expand your Capabilities

With the Enact® Manufacturing Quality Intelligence solution in your services portfolio, you can provide your clients with advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities, required in today’s demanding manufacturing environments.

Adding these capabilities to your existing portfolio helps you stay ahead of your industry peers.

  Support & Collaboration

From the moment a Partner joins the Program, we provide all the necessary knowledge, tools and expertise to help you succeed in your sales engagements.

Expert engineers are on hand to answer clients’ technical questions. A rich library of content, including co-branded sales materials, whitepapers and case studies, are available to support your marketing activities.

Outstanding Partner Rewards

InfinityQS Partners benefit from a highly rewarding sales commission structure. For each client subscription our partners make, they receive commission over a three-year period based on all subscription revenues received by InfinityQS from that client subscription. For year one (from the client subscription start date) that commission rate is an unparalleled 100%, followed by 25% in year two and 10% in year three.

In addition to the direct sales commission paid to the Partner, our Partners benefit from the increased revenue opportunities by providing related Enact® services to clients such as for providing deployment, training and support services to their clients. Our Partners bill their clients directly for those additional services provided.

Partner Benefits

At InfinityQS, we are committed to our Partners’ success. The Global Partner Program is designed to provide a highly supportive and collaborative environment, where we endeavor to provide all of the knowledge, tools, and expertise needed to help our Partners succeed.

Our dedicated Partner Team are here to help Partners be as effective as possible to achieve maximum success in selling Enact®.

Whether you are a Service Provider, Equipment Manufacturer or a Reseller: becoming an InfinityQS Enact® Partner will not only significantly enhance your service portfolio capabilities – with our highly generous commission structure, it will also significantly enhance your bottom line.

  • Attractive and competitive compensation model

  • Additional revenue stream opportunities from deployment and training services

  • Leverage Enact® to cross-sell and up-sell existing solutions and/or services

  • Leverage the value of a cloud-based Manufacturing and Quality Intelligence Solution

  • Drive your future business growth and expansion

  • Low risk/zero investment overhead

  • Fast enrollment to revenue cycle (Partner Program in a box!)

  • Receive ongoing support from our dedicated Partner Team

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The 3 Pillars of our Partner Program

Learn more about the collaborative way in which we work with our Global Partner network to make available all the necessary knowledge, tools and support to enable our Partners to be as successful as they can in selling Enact®.

Find out why Jason Chester, Director of Global Channel Programs at InfinityQS believes the Enact® Partner Program differs significantly in focus from other SasS partner programs.

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Stevie International Business Awards
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Judge’s comment

“InfinityQS® is a great example of Channel Partner success. By focusing clearly on connecting with the right Partners, and not every Partner, they have been able to build a successful Partner network. This growth is impressive and will continue to benefit the organization. Building a cloud-native application will enhance Partner growth, as customers are moving more to cloud-based solutions. With 40k licences in use, the Partner Program is a success and will continue to grow as relationships deepen in the future.”

Join the InfinityQS Enact® Global Partner Program. Discover significant new opportunities by leveraging our award-winning solutions. Enhance your existing product or service portfolios. Help your clients be better, more efficient and smarter than their competitors.

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