Mastering Manufacturing Quality Infographic

What’s your biggest manufacturing challenge today? Are you looking to:

  • Reduce scrap—by as much as 12.7% or more?
  • Reduce the time you spend on reporting—by as much as 17.1%?
  • Reduce warranty claims by as much as 14.1%—and have happier customers?
  • Stop just fixing problems—and prevent them instead? *

A modern approach to statistical process control (SPC)—using real-time quality data—can help you master quality and achieve the operational excellence you need.

Keys to Meaningful Manufacturing Optimization

The Mastering Quality infographic reveals how modern manufacturing quality techniques can help you:

  • Optimize data collection
  • Notify shop floor personnel of issues requiring attention
  • Prioritize the quality activities that will make the biggest impact
  • Analyze data and extract actionable information
  • Communicate with flexible, meaningful reporting
  • Transform your manufacturing organization

Discover the power of data visibility

Modern quality management is about seeing opportunities you couldn’t see before—to improve products, processes, and operations across your organization:

  • On the shop floor: Reveal variations in real-time and empower operators to respond quickly.
  • At the plant level: Use SPC data to quickly see products, process, and operations improvement opportunities.
  • In the executive suite: Leverage aggregated data to discover trends and prioritize initiatives with the greatest ROI.

Improving quality requires more than just collecting data. Learn how to get meaningful information out of your data and use it to take meaningful action—today.

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* Improvement measurements are averages reported by InfinityQS software customers.

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