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Enact® is a cloud-native, SPC-driven solution that helps manufacturers solve today’s unprecedented challenges—quickly.

  • Rapid Adoption: Deploy Enact® quickly and efficiently across your clients’ manufacturing operations.
  • Flexible Licensing: Flexible, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enables your clients to increase and decrease licenses as needed.
  • Professional Services: Our expert teams will help you set up a focused Proof of Concept in 30 days or less at no cost.

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As manufacturing looks toward the future, organizations need to support agile operations. They need to empower workers anywhere they are, optimize operations and productivity, and adapt to rapid changes. Here’s how Enact® can help.

Support workers
anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based quality monitoring and analysis enables operations and management employees to stay productive anywhere—on the plant floor and across the enterprise.


Automating routine activities—such as data collection, monitoring, and reporting—helps workers stay focused on vital tasks and empowers direct action when it’s needed.

Deploy Enact® quickly

Enact® is built for rapid rollout, and you can run new products, change data collections, and make information available across your production lines and plants—instantly.

Ensure agility
in operations

Data-driven insights help speed responses to changes in demand, supply chain, and more while enabling ongoing improvements that reduce cost, waste, and giveaway.

Maintain product
safety and quality

The SaaS platform also speeds implementation, swaps out time-consuming upgrades for updates, and minimizes TCO. Plus, Enact® integrates with your existing infrastructure.