ProFicienton Demand

ProFicienton Demand is a highly scalable, cloud-hosted, quality management software solution. 

Rapidly deploy SPC in the Cloud

It allows sites located across the globe to share quality performance metrics and best practices.

Use this capability to help ensure consistent quality and raise overall quality performance across all your sites. You can quickly deploy ProFicient™ on Demand at a single facility or across an entire manufacturing enterprise—even across a global supply network.

Real-time visibility across all operations enables your organization—regardless of size or industry—to centralize and analyze operational data all together, regardless of site-to-site differences.

Improve Visibility – Across Sites & Across the Globe

Thanks to ProFicient on Demand’s use of a unified data depository, corporate quality performance monitoring has never been easier.

ProFicient on Demand & the Supply Chain

ProFicient on Demand & the Supply Chain

ProFicient™ offers a fully customizable, intuitive, and highly visual data collection interface tailored to the needs of plant floor operators and technicians.

Users of ProFicient™ can choose manual data collection, semi-automatic data collection, or fully automated data collection.

Our suite of data connectors and data-exchange processes enable the collection and integration of quality and process data from virtually any data-collection point or system, including various plant databases, from corporate sites, suppliers, and more—regardless of geographic location.

Mobile workers can even collect data using their favorite mobile device.

Share Operational Insights from Shop Floor to Boardroom

Share Operational Insights from Shop Floor to Boardroom

Now you can share data and conduct comparative analyses across sites, to ensure consistent quality and determine the best ways to improve overall quality performance.

Quality professionals and team leaders can quickly discover what’s working, what areas need attention, where to apply best practices, and how to prioritize improvement efforts—across the organization.

And if your suppliers use InfinityQS software, you can extend your real-time visibility to their manufacturing processes, as well.

Get Your Preferred Deployment Up and Running Fast

Get Your Preferred Deployment Up and Running Fast

With ProFicient™ on Demand, all you need is an internet connection to quickly establish browser-based access. A simple plug-in takes the place of lengthy PC- or server-based installations, minimizing your upfront investment. Plus, you can scale easily and automatically. You can choose to host your data in InfinityQS’s data center or your own.

InfinityQS Data Center

Implement Proficient™ on Demand as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, with InfinityQS hosting and managing your instance of ProFicient™ in our cloud. In this option, InfinityQS hosts and maintains both the software and one unified database for all your sites. Each site needs access to the internet to access Proficient™ on Demand.

Client-Hosted Data Center

Deploy the Proficient™ on Demand SaaS model with the software instance hosted and managed in your own corporate-hosted data center. In this scenario, you host and maintain the software and unified database. That database contains data from all your sites, which access the software from a thin-client environment via your corporate network.

Integrate and Share
Critical Quality and Process Data

Capture, combine, and compare manufacturing data from across your organization, and communicate actionable information to decision makers at every level.

Add Value with Automated Data Collection (ADC)

Gather all of your critical process and quality data for enhanced, real-time decision-making.

InfinityQS makes it easy to automatically capture, combine, and store your quality data, thanks to Automated Data Collection (ADC) composed of the Data Management System (DMS) software and the Data Collection Service (DCS). These quality tools work together to automatically collect measurement values from a multitude of data sources and store them directly into the ProFicient™ database.

By adding Automated Data Collection (ADC) to your ProFicient™ solution, you expand your ability to gain a true understanding of how key process parameters affect the quality of your manufactured products.

With the integration that the ADC provides, you can pair process parameter readings with tag fields such as part numbers and other characteristics, giving users a true, correlation-based understanding of how key process parameters affect the quality of manufactured products.