Help your manufacturing clients re-imagine their quality processes with the InfinityQS Enact® Quality Intelligence solution. Here’s how…

Today’s shop floor is a potential hotbed of innovation and smarter Quality Consultancy should be at the forefront of that innovation. Your manufacturing clients operate in ultra-competitive markets, where consumers demand better, faster and cheaper products from every manufacturing sector. Fuelled by a hyper-connected global digital economy with social media for the masses and revolutionized global logistics, the death of loyalty is a reality. To thrive in this environment, your manufacturing clients must continually optimize their operations, by minimizing cost, maximizing value and mitigating risk.

Quality is at the heart of this challenge. By reducing waste, increasing customer satisfaction, as well as avoiding quality problems, where just one misstep can have catastrophic consequences overnight for brands. No longer is Quality simply an ‘end-of-line’ check. Instead, it is an approach that must permeate throughout every area of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing clients must re-imagine quality.

Quality Consultants are key to ensuring their manufacturing clients remain competitive, and relevant, by helping them put in place the foundations to collect, monitor and analyze valuable production and quality data required to make real-time decisions, based on meaningful and actionable insights.

That’s where InfinityQS Enact® comes in. The synergy between re-imagining quality and the Enact® platform is clear. Help your clients transform their Manufacturing Quality environment, and at the same time, enhance the portfolio of services that your Quality Consultancy can provide to new and existing clients.

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Your Expertise: Quality Consultancy Services

Quality Consultancy Service providers help their manufacturing clients transform their quality processes and initiatives by leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Enact® Manufacturing and Quality Intelligence platform. Enable your manufacturing clients to gain more from their Quality data.

Become an InfinityQS Enact® Partner, enhance your Quality Consultancy credentials, and add this best-in-class Enact® Manufacturing Intelligence solution to your services portfolio.

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The 3 Pillars of our Partner Program

Learn more about the collaborative way in which we work with our Global Partner network, making available all the necessary knowledge, tools and support, to enable our Partners to be as successful as they can in selling Enact®.

Find out why Jason Chester, Director of Global Channel Programs at InfinityQS, believes the Enact® Partner Program differs significantly in focus from other SaaS partner programs.

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Sanjeev Sadavarti, CEO & Principal Consultant
Q Ultima Institute LLP, India

“We are very happy with the InfinityQS Partner Program. The support of the sales team is unmatched – they remind us about the sales pipeline and advise if client issues arises. They have also helped us develop an Enact® page on our own QUltima website, including case studies, images and links. We plan to develop Enact® as one of our key revenue streams, and the InfinityQS Partner Program is extremely helpful in this.”

Join the InfinityQS Enact® Global Partner Program. Discover significant new opportunities by leveraging our award-winning solutions. Enhance your existing product or service portfolios. Help your clients be better, more efficient and smarter than their competitors.

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