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Help your manufacturing clients’ gain a competitive edge by using their own data to reduce waste, cut costs and deliver better insights to improve manufacturing efficiencies throughout their operations. Find out more about Enact® and the InfinityQS Partner Program.

Manufacturing Consultancy & the Enact® Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Platform

Manufacturing excellence. Continuous improvement. Lean Six Sigma. Total Quality Management. Learn how you can help your manufacturing clients supercharge these critical programs by adding the InfinityQS Enact® Manufacturing Quality Intelligence solution to your portfolio.

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Your Expertise: Manufacturing Consultancy

As your manufacturing clients strive to achieve ever greater levels of efficiency, productivity and performance across shop floor operations, the success of manufacturing excellence and quality improvement disciplines, are increasingly important.

The single most critical component across all these programs is simple: data  ̶  accurate and timely data, which can be analyzed, interpreted and acted upon effectively. Yet many of our Manufacturing Consultancy Partners tell us that their clients still lack the real-time data foundations across their shop floor environments, necessary to make their quality and process improvement programs truly effective.

That’s where InfinityQS Enact® comes in. Enact® represents an opportunity to transform manufacturing environments. Enable your manufacturing clients to unlock greater value from their excellence and quality improvement initiatives by becoming an InfinityQS Enact® Partner today, and adding the world’s best-in-class Manufacturing Quality Intelligence solution to your Manufacturing Consultancy services portfolio.

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Jon Simpson – Vice President
Sage Clarity, North America

“The support Sage Clarity has received as a Partner of InfinityQS has been great! From sales training to marketing, we continue to grow excitement with Enact®.”

Join the InfinityQS Enact® Global Partner Program. Discover significant new opportunities by leveraging our award-winning solutions. Enhance your existing product or service portfolios. Help your clients be better, more efficient and smarter than their competitors.

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