NEW White Paper! Modern Manufacturing with SPC

What’s the most expensive place to find a defect in your product? Find the answer in our latest white paper—and learn why the best tool for reducing scrap, waste, rework and eliminating defects, is SPC.

Discover the top advantages of SPC in modern manufacturing, as Steve Wise, Vice-President of Statistical Methods at InfinityQS explains: “My number one advantage for using SPC is that it is a way for the manufacturer to see into the future. That’s right! You can predict the future with SPC.” Find out how and why this is true.

But data is only as good as the questions it can answer. To get the most out of data collection and SPC efforts, requires the right sampling strategy for each manufacturer. This white paper explains how your clients’ manufacturing organizations can begin to form the right sampling strategy, by asking:

  • What questions do I need my data to answer?
  • What data do I need to collect?
  • How am I going to collect it?

With the right strategy in place, manufacturers have all the necessary answers to solve problems, prevent defects and get the most out of SPC.

Manufacturing processes can tell you all you need to know to consistently produce high quality products—if you keep an eye on them. SPC helps manufacturers stay on the path of continuous improvement and maintain consistent quality across their manufacturing organizations.

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