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Learn how real-time monitoring with Enact®  has delivered an improved level of visibility, collaboration and accountability across the manufacturing operations of this North American electrical device manufacturer.

Quality-driven in its mission to consistently produce outstanding electronic components in switching, control and circuit protection, this electrical device manufacturer deployed the Enact® Quality Intelligence platform to determine how and where its processes could be refined, in order to drive down out-of-spec products, quickly and effectively.

In this dynamic and rapidly evolving market, where timescales from new product development to market launch can be a matter of weeks, they wanted a hyper-responsive solution that wouldn’t slow them down, and Enact® delivered.

Ease of an Enact® Deployment

  • Team members don’t get overwhelmed while learning a new tool

  • You add value every time you add a new process

  • You ensure standardization and consistency across the enterprise 

This Electrical Devices Case Study demonstrates how to drive forward true competitive advantage in manufacturing operations through improved visibility and shared best practices from the data insights delivered by the Enact® Quality Intelligence platform.

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