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Just Released! Our brand new Food and Beverage Case Study for Enact®.

Founded in 2003 to meet the needs of an growing celiac/coeliac market, Bakery on Main, make and sell a range of premium, heathy – and great-tasting – gluten-free products.

Delays in the detection of production problems and the impact on revenue performance, drove Bakery on Main to search out a cloud-based, digital quality solution, which would allow them to view data in real time, and stop production issues in their tracks.

Discover the ease of implementation, the advocacy and engagement of plant personnel and the on-going benefits of process optimization and improvements that Bakery on Main have gained from the rollout of our award-winning quality intelligence solution, Enact®, across their operations. Simply put:

“Enact® helps us quickly respond to quality issues, which saves us money
Jegadish Gunasagaran, Quality Assurance Manager, Bakery on Main

We hope you enjoy learning more about Bakery on Main’s success with Enact®.

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