Why InfinityQS Enact®?

InfinityQS Enact® is a new kind of quality system built specifically for the cloud. Enact® provides unparalleled visibility across your manufacturing sites via any web-enabled device—resulting in unmatched, actionable insight into all of your clients’ manufacturing quality data.

Enact® standardizes quality data, whether collected manually or automatically. Data is unified so that manufacturers can get a “big picture” view of process quality.

Enact® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that delivers fast and easy deployment, requires minimal IT resource requirements, and provides tremendous scalability—not to mention the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

See Enact® in Action

Designed for quick configuration and rollout, Enact® is a practical choice to provide the visibility and intelligence you need.

Watch this short demo to see how Enact®:

  • Supports both onsite and offsite workers through a browser-based interface
  • Enables quick rollout, adoption, and expansion with out-of-the box configuration
  • Empowers operators and improves efficiency with role-based dashboards
  • Fosters faster decision-making with visual analytics
  • Enables rapid responses to change with visibility across products, processes, and plants

Benefits of the Enact® platform

Manufacturers can benefit from the native-cloud capabilities of Enact®, as well as InfinityQS’ decades of SPC and manufacturing industry experience.

Scalability and

Fast, immensely scalable, and unbelievably affordable, Enact® enables manufacturers to increase or decrease the size of their implementation as needed. The platform’s ability to use part recipes to apply process models across products enables impressive ROI.

Targeted, Strategic

Enact® users get access to quality data and alerts based on their roles and responsibilities. Highly visual, customizable dashboards help users focus on the data that they need and tune out the excess. The Enact® SaaS model provides mobility and availability of data.

Data Collection and Visualization

Data collection and visualization that works like you do – Data collections support manual entry or semi-automated entry (through scales, calipers, etc.), are designed to be reused, and can be used on demand or at set time intervals. Data collections and data summaries are prioritized for the user, highlighting collections that are due and data streams that need attention.

Unparalleled Data

Enact® standardizes quality data, whether collected manually or automatically. Data is unified so that manufacturers can get a “big picture” view of process quality.

Secure, Efficient, Flexible Deployment Model

The SaaS platform also speeds implementation, swaps out time-consuming upgrades for updates, and minimizes TCO. Plus, Enact® integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Enact® Solution Overview

InfinityQS Enact® is a cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform that provides unparalleled collection of—and visibility into—your manufacturing quality data, enabling you to better track and maintain product quality, improve operator efficiency, and reduce waste.

The Enact® web-based Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution sets the standard for ease of deployment, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and operational visibility. If you would like to understand more about Enact®, download our Solution Overview data sheet here.

How Enact works

Top 10 Reasons to Use Enact®

Learn More

Manufacturers who do not use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to improve quality face numerous challenges. Learn how Enact® can help your clients overcome the Top 10—and improve shop-floor operations across the board. To understand more about how Enact® can help solve these challenges, simply click to download this summary guide.

  • You have too much scrap, waste or giveaway

  • Your operators are overwhelmed

  • You have limited visibility into process performance

  • You don’t receive real-time event notifications

  • You can’t quickly generate reports for auditors or customers

  • You still use pencil and paper on your shop floor

  • You need to improve accountability

  • You lack traceability

  • You still use home-grown systems

  • Your IT staff are overwhelmed

Enact®: Maximum Value, Minimum Investment

Whether your clients operate a single shop or hundreds of sites, Enact® helps decrease costs and deliver true Quality Intelligence across your clients’ organization to enable better operational business decisions-affordably. There are no Partner joining fees or membership costs associated with the InfinityQS Partner Program.

An Enact® Subscription for your Clients starts at just $65/license/month

  • Minimum five (5) license/workstation subscription
  • Subscription is billed monthly
  • Clients are billed directly for their license usage by InfinityQS

“We have been using Enact® in our Thailand operations and it has already greatly improved the way we grasp our processes. Enact® is well thought out, user-friendly and intuitive. The interfaces can gather all the important information, navigation is easy and almost everything is customizable.”

Arthur Coste – Péters Surgical, Thailand
(Enact® client)

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