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The Enact® Platform

SPC Quality Intelligence in the Cloud – make Quality your biggest competitive advantage

Take Steps to Solve Your Critical Challenges

Enact® can help support agile manufacturing operations – empower workers wherever they are located, optimize operations and productivity, and adapt to rapid changes 

Maximize productivity

Automating routine activities such as data collection (manual or semi-automated entry), monitoring and reporting – helps workers stay focused on vital tasks and empowers direct action when it’s needed.

Support workers anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based quality monitoring and analysis enables operations and management employees to stay productive anywhere – on the plant floor and across the enterprise.

Targeted, strategic insight

Enact® users access quality data and alerts based on their roles and responsibilities. Highly visual, customizable dashboards help to focus on the data they need. The Enact® SaaS model provides mobility and availability of data.

Ensure agility in operations

Data-driven insights to help speed responses to changes in demand, supply chain and more while enabling ongoing improvements that reduce cost, waste, and giveaway.

Deploy Enact® quickly – enterprise-wide

Enact® is built for rapid rollout, and you can run new products, change data collections, and make information available across your production lines and plants – instantly.

Maintain product safety and quality

Regardless of the challenges and changes we face, quality and compliance never take a backseat. Enact® helps reduce complexity for everyone – from operators to executives.

See Enact® in Action

Manufacturers can benefit from the native-cloud capabilities of Enact® Quality Intelligence and solve today’s unprecedented challenges – quickly

Designed for quick configuration and rollout, Enact® is a practical choice to provide the visibility and intelligence you need.

Watch this short demo to see how Enact® helps to:

  • Support both on-site and off-site workers through a browser-based interface
  • Enable quick rollout, adoption, and expansion with out-of-the box configuration
  • Empower operators and improve efficiency with role-based dashboards
  • Foster faster decision-making with visual analytics
  • Enable rapid responses to change with visibility across products, processes, and plants

Enact® Features & Applications

Discover how Enact® delivers unparalleled data visibility across products, lines, and plants to enable strategic insights.

See the 'Big Picture'
with Enact®

See the 'Big Picture' with Enact®

Enact® features allow more value to be extracted from data.

The Enact® platform powers the excellence loop on enterprise visibility, operational insight and global transformation.

A Revolution in Enterprise Performance Monitoring

A Revolution in Enterprise Performance Monitoring

With limited resources, how do you know where to expend effort? Manufacturers have a lot of data. How can they summarize their data to enable easy comparisons?

Metrics like Cpk, Ppk, PPM require proper normalization and are not very intuitive for most decision makers. Quality Performance Grading from Enact® is a completely new way to assess the performance of manufacturing assets.

  • A meaningful, actionable metric for evaluating asset performance
  • An easy way to compare many different, unrelated processes
  • The ability to drill down and determine root causes

Gain Meaningful Insights

Gain Meaningful Insights Effortlessly

Enact® provides powerful analytics tailored to every user’s needs. Users can view traditional control charts, multi-level Pareto or Box and Whisker plots, to pinpoint quality problems and their root causes.

Since Enact® is mobile-friendly, all of its analytical power can be displayed on tablets or smartphones, making it easy for users to troubleshoot wherever they are.

  • Analytics tailored to user needs and responsibilities
  • Drill-down capabilities accelerate troubleshooting
  • Anywhere, Anytime access to quality analytics

Go Beyond Traditional

Go Beyond Traditional SPC

Enact® provides all the benefits of advanced and real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) – but then goes far beyond.

InfinityQS understands SPC and has decades of experience helping manufacturers turn their quality and process data into millions of dollars of savings.

Now, Enact® takes SPC to the Cloud, giving a way for manufacturers to access the benefits without a large upfront investment in hardware or software.

Know What You Need to Know, When You Need to Know It

Know What You Need to Know,
When You Need to Know It

Today’s manufacturing sites are leaner than ever. Automatic targeted notifications by Enact® ensure that the right people know about growing quality and process problems.

Less time is wasted searching through data, reducing the time to resolution.

  • Become aware of possible quality or process issues faster
  • Users only receive notifications relevant to their role
  • Prioritized notifications for accelerated action

Intuitive & Powerful
Data Analytics

Intuitive & Powerful Data Analytics

Users can easily filter dashboards to narrow down to an area of interest.

You can add levels to multi-level Pareto charts to quickly determine where the worst quality issues are coming from.

Data filtering can even be tailored by user role so that each user’s effectiveness is optimized.

  • Troubleshoot quality problems more easily
  • Prevent downtime and quality problems
  • Engage more users in quality improvement

Enact® Data stored in your own Client-Specific Secure Database on Microsoft Azure

Enact® Data is stored in your own Client-Specific Database on Microsoft Azure for Maximum Security & Availability

Enact® supports manual data collection, semi-automated data collection via gauges, and other wired devices, as well as fully automated data collection, integrated with a comprehensive array of plant data sources.

Enact® simplifies the data collection process, allowing operators more time for other vital duties.

  • Tap into all your quality and process data sources
  • Reduce the manual data collection effort
  • Improve data access and simplify analytics and reporting
  • Enhance data security and availability

Centralize Quality Data in the Enact® Cloud-Based
Unified Data Repository

Centralize Enterprise Quality Data with the Enact® Cloud-Based Unified Data Repository

The centralized data storage of Enact® powers data collection, monitoring and analysis, by giving access to all quality data in one place.

Stakeholders can easily find the data they need, and use it to visualize process improvements, quickly locating areas that need attention.

Data is within easy reach when needed for audits, reports and other pressing requirements.

Capture a True Representation
of Manufacturing

Capture a True Representation of Manufacturing Processes

The Process model in Enact® captures a true representation of the manufacturing process.

Process models can be shared between sites helping ensure best manufacturing practices are enforced.

The latest process performance information, data collection reminders, alarms and event notifications for the processes they are responsible for.

  • Configuration is intuitive and very natural
  • Re-usability helps accelerate set up and enforce quality standards
  • Ordering configuration effort is minimized

Enact® – Maximum Value, Minimum Investment

Quality Intelligence across your organization to enable better operational business decisions – affordably

Whether you operate a single shop or hundreds of sites, Enact® helps decrease costs and deliver true Quality Intelligence across your organization to enable better, more profitable operational business decisions.

An Enact® subscription starts at just $65/license/month

  • Minimum five (5) license/workstation subscription
  • Subscription is billed monthly
  • Clients are billed directly for their license usage by InfinityQS
  • Annual pricing plans available