Managing Overfill & Underfill (Net Content Control)
in Food & Beverage Packaging Operations

Net content control ensures that consumers get what they pay for. Laws protect consumers from (intentional or unintentional) “shorting” of the contents of any product they purchase.

It doesn’t matter what the consumer purchases—juice, after shave, toothpaste, or potato chips—they expect that the package contains at least as much product as the amount stated on the product label.

This use case addresses the role of data collection within net content and demonstrates how controlling net content affects the most critical positions within most manufacturing organizations: shop floor personnel, plant management, and executives.

We’ll also discuss InfinityQS’ Manufacturing Quality Intelligence Platform, Enact® — our cloud-native quality management system, which can help you ensure that your net contents are accurate, that you’re minimizing “giveaway,” that consumers always get what they paid for…and so much more.

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Benefits to You

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Benefits to Your Clients

With an Enact® centralized view into bottling processes at every facility, quality managers, quality engineers, plant managers, and senior management can continually ensure enterprise-wide product quality and consistency.

What’s more… the Enact® Quality Intelligence solution not only unlocks data insights to help re-imagine quality, it also offers its clients an opportunity for genuine competitive advantage. It helps:

  • Increase output

  • Drive product efficiencies that increase margins

  • Lower production and maintenance costs

  • Produce consistently higher quality products

  • Improve operational decision-making

And it’s not just the bottling industry that enjoys success using the Enact® Quality Intelligence solution.

Find out how Strategic Materials, the largest glass recycler in North America, uses actionable insights from Enact® to improve customer confidence and expand into new markets.

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