Transform Your Manufacturing Operations
with the Power of the Cloud

Enact® is a cloud-native, SPC-driven solution that opens the door to true digital transformation and helps manufacturers optimize their manufacturing operations.

  • Streamline Compliance: Centralized data lets you create reports and complete audits in minutes—instead of days.
  • Reduce Waste: Real-time data visibility enables teams to spot critical out-of-spec dimensions and prevent the need to scrap product.
  • Unparalleled Process Control: Data-driven insights across products, lines and plants empower agile responses and process optimizations.

Get in touch to understand how your organization can benefit from Enact® and enquire about our special offer to all new-to-Enact® clients – 50% off the cost of their Enact® licenses for a full year.

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Improve Quality, Optimize Processes, Reduce Costs, and Ensure Compliance

Right now, manufacturers are prioritizing technology and infrastructure implementations to maximize agility, performance, productivity, and efficiency. Moving quality management to the cloud enables you to solve today’s biggest challenges—and adapt to new changes as they come.
Here’s how Enact
® can help.

Support workers
anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based quality monitoring and analysis enables operations and management employees to stay productive anywhere—on the plant floor and across the enterprise.


Automating routine activities—such as data collection, monitoring, and reporting—helps workers stay focused on vital tasks and empowers direct action when it’s needed.

Deploy Enact® quickly

Enact® is built for rapid rollout, and you can run new products, change data collections, and make information available across your production lines and plants—instantly.

Ensure agility
in operations

Data-driven insights help speed responses to changes in demand, supply chain, and more while enabling ongoing improvements that reduce cost, waste, and giveaway.

Maintain product
safety and quality

The SaaS platform also speeds implementation, swaps out time-consuming upgrades for updates, and minimizes TCO. Plus, Enact® integrates with your existing infrastructure.

See Enact® in Action

Designed for quick configuration and rollout, Enact® is a practical choice to provide the visibility and intelligence you need.

Watch this short demo to see how Enact®:

  • Supports both onsite and offsite workers through a browser-based interface
  • Enables quick rollout, adoption, and expansion with out-of-the box configuration
  • Empowers operators and improves efficiency with role-based dashboards
  • Fosters faster decision-making with visual analytics
  • Enables rapid responses to change with visibility across products, processes, and plants


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Learn more about the Power of Enact®

Built on a proven Statistical Process Control (SPC) foundation, Enact® delivers unparallelled data visibility across products, lines and plants,
providing a whole new level of strategic insight.

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Quality Intelligence in the Cloud

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