Beverage bottlers around the world rely on the InfinityQS Enact® Quality Intelligence platform to provide visibility, standardized analytics and actionable reporting, for continuous improvement across lines, products, and plants.

This white paper takes a look at how Enact® can be implemented within a typical bottling line, showing how at each critical step, Enact® streamlines data collection and process monitoring.

Having to depend on manually recorded samples becomes a thing of the past. Enact® sampling happens on time, every time. Analyzing quality data in this way, allows clients to investigate and react faster, when issues arise. It both empowers responsive actions and fosters continuous improvements. Enable your clients to re-imagine the true value of quality data from their bottling operations with Enact®.

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Benefits to You

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Benefits to Your Clients

With an Enact® centralized view into bottling processes at every facility, quality managers, quality engineers, plant managers, and senior management can continually ensure enterprise-wide product quality and consistency.

What’s more… the Enact® Quality Intelligence solution not only unlocks data insights to help re-imagine quality, it also offers its clients an opportunity for genuine competitive advantage. It helps:

  • Increase output

  • Drive product efficiencies that increase margins

  • Lower production and maintenance costs

  • Produce consistently higher quality products

  • Improve operational decision-making

And it’s not just the bottling industry that enjoys success using the Enact® Quality Intelligence solution.

Find out how Strategic Materials, the largest glass recycler in North America, uses actionable insights from Enact® to improve customer confidence and expand into new markets.

Download the Strategic Materials case study here

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