The Market Leader in Real-Time SPC Software and Services

InfinityQS is the leading global provider of Manufacturing Quality Intelligence software and services. Powered by a robust Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics engine, the company’s solutions deliver unparalleled visibility and strategic insight across the enterprise, from the shop floor to the boardroom.

The extensive deep-dive capability of InfinityQS solutions helps manufacturers improve product quality; decrease cost and risk; improve compliance; and make strategic, data-driven business decisions. In this way, InfinityQS enables manufacturers to convert quality from a problem into a competitive advantage.

Headquartered near Washington, D.C. and with regional presence in Seattle, London, Beijing, and Delhi, InfinityQS has thousands of customers around the world, including Ball Corporation, Boston Scientific, Graham Packaging and Medtronic.

A History of Innovation

InfinityQS was founded in 1989 by Michael A. Lyle and Christopher Kearsley. Both veterans in the quality control industry, the founders saw unique market opportunities for manufacturers needing computerized controllers to automate various types of industrial equipment.

Staffed by nationally renowned industrial statisticians and ASQ-certified quality engineers and technicians, InfinityQS continues to develop industry leading quality solutions that have saved manufacturers millions of dollars in reducing scrap and rework—enabling them to remain competitive and increase their bottom lines.

In ‘Showcase of our Success‘, learn how InfinityQS and its solutions have advanced quality with some of the world’s biggest brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Nestlé Waters and Coty.

What we do

Industry Awards

  • 2020 Stevie International Business Award Winner
  • ‘Best Practice Award for Enact®‘ from Frost & Sullivan
  • ‘Big Innovation Award for Enact®‘ from The Business Intelligence Group

Key Industry Associations

  • OPC Foundation
  • ASQ (American Society for Quality)
  • AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group)


  • Privately held
  • Profitable and debt-free since inception in 1989
  • Financially secure

Worldwide Partner Network

  • North, Central & South America, Europe, Asia, Indian Sub-Continent and Oceania

Industry-Leading Talent

  • Six Sigma Green & Black Belts
  • Degreed and published Industrial Statisticians
  • ASQ Certified Quality Engineers and Technicians

Large Client Base

  • 2,500 clients
  • Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers
  • 40,000+ installed licenses currently in use
  • 97% of customers maintain annual service agreements

Re-Imagine Quality with the Excellence Loop

Gain real-time visibility across the enterprise, unify your operational data from end to end, and use targeted, intelligent analytics to transform your enterprise.

Enterprise Visibility

Enterprise Visibility

You can’t solve a puzzle with only a few pieces – and you can’t achieve true excellence with siloed data from just one plant or process. InfinityQS simplifies quality control data collection via an intuitive, configurable visual interface and solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing software equipment.

  • Increase team efficiency with automated workflows that provide reminders, timers,
    alerts and more
  • Improve Statistical Process Control (SPC) and quality
  • Get everyone on the same page about real-time report generation and distribution

Operational Insight

Operational Insight

Ditch the paper and spreadsheets. Take your quality approach from reactive to proactive, gain the necessary quality intelligence to meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements, and keep your operations humming.

  • Increase team efficiency with automated workflows that provide reminders, timers, alerts and more
  • Improve Statistical Process Control (SPC) and quality
  • Get everyone on the same page about real-time report generation and distribution

Global Transformation

Global Transformation

Take your actionable insights to the next level by implementing improvements that streamline, optimize and transform operations across the entire enterprise.

  • Centralize all of your quality data into one easy-to-manage Unified Data Repository
  • Access and analyse unified global data in real-time
  • Drive strategic decision-making
  • Continuously improve quality, consistency and costs

Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in Best Practices

For a second time, InfinityQS Enact® is recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Product Leadership in Cloud-based SPC Quality Intelligence.

In today’s challenging environment, organizational agility enables manufacturers to adapt and thrive. In this detailed report, Frost & Sullivan analysts share insights about the near-term challenges manufacturers face as industries evolve to keep pace with ongoing disruptions.

You’ll learn:

  • How Enact® recognizes and addresses these challenges with powerful, easy-to-use cloud tools
  • Why quality transformation matters—and how you can start the process
  • How Enact® measures up to key industry benchmarks in the quality intelligence space
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